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Arnaert Genealogy

Arnaert Genealogy

<- Clic on this image if you want to access to ARNAERT genealogy.

This database was made with HEREDIS and you can have a .GED file of it if you want ...

Here you will find my genealogy, the meaning of our name, our nobility, our shield, useful links or copies of microfilms of Arnaert weddings.

If you are an ARNAERT, please help me to complete our genealogy tree and write me an email please

ARNAERT : Dictionary of Surnames : from ARNARD
ARNARD : Personal name of Germanic origin source ARNHAR
ARN : contracted form of arin : c. reg .of ara : an EAGLE
HAR, HARD, dur ,FORT , STRONG : Flemish form: Annaert assimilated form.

Meaning of name: STRONG LIKE AN EAGLE

We are looking for our ancestors: thus discover our genealogy ......

We have already made a family tree going back start until 1600 !!

Meaning of Blason Arnhard :


Blason ecartelé - Parti: au 1, coupé de sable, sur or, au lion de l'un en l'autre, armé et lampassé de gueules, tenant de ses pattes une tige de lis fleurie de trois pièces d'argent; au 2, de sable, à la fasce d'or. Casque couronné.

L'écu est écartelé au 1er de sable au lion d'or armé et lampassé de gueules

Archives Links

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